Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy Musician Cake Day =D

That's right today is specyal! I've made it to a next year and I feel truly blessed! I call today Musician Cake Day because there's another very talented artist who was also born today Devilz-Speciez happy b-day dude!
5 years ago I wrote a custom song for myself called "What It Do" check it out! It was five years ago so sorry for the not so hot quality lol.

Friday, 20 January 2012

In Memory Of Sarah Burke

Thinking of Sarah today and sending out condolences to her husband and family. Along with being such a sweet, kind and caring person she was also such an inspiration in sport and in her life. She fought very hard to have Woman's half pipe in the 2014 Winter Olympics and because of her many efforts it will be so! A true champion!
You will be very missed Sarah!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Take Me Home (Music Tribute)

I wanted to share this musical tribute that Catherine Marie wrote for her friend's dad who's battling brain cancer. She is donating $1 (up to $200) to the Canadian Cancer Society for every name that is written in the comments section of this video, of someone who has either battled or is currently battling cancer. This hits home for me personally because when I was seven my adoptive mom passed away from ovarian cancer. So please spread the word and support cancer research!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

"Keep It Classified!"

Last night Catherine Marie & Ashton Williams stopped by The Pastry Shop to record a demo for CM's new track "Classified" off her up coming debut EP. This song is about a love triangle with CM being torn between two lovers who are also friends and her not wanting to end things with either. Her boyfriend has no idea about any of this while her "lover" (Ashton) just wants her to choose him and "classify" their relationship. CM would rather just keep the whole thing Classified!

These two sound really good together and the record is coming along nicely! Check out some covers they have done together!

Over the next few weeks CM will be in studio recording her EP so stayed tuned =D

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Specyal Opinion: "I Gave Everything!"

My first Specyal Opinion of the year and how fitting that I talk about a reality show and The Bachelor no less. With each season, and I've pretty much seen them all, it seems to just get more and more drama filled or those producers are just getting way better at casting pure "gems" to help the show along! Because as we all know it's all about the love right?! (cough).

It was a typical season premier getting caught up with the new bachelor, recapping what went wrong a season prior and meeting his new prospects. Between the boofon hats, a smitten granny and even an entrance on a horse, one contestant really took the cake for me last nite; New York city based blogger (and self proclaimed "over analyzer") Jenna Burke. This woman seemed to be on edge from the get go and didn't waste anytime tryna ruffle feathers which ended up seeming to be just her own lol. Apparently she had an issue with Monica (a dental consultant) because she wasn't as taken by the bachelor like she was and this made Jenna rather hostile and unpredictable. She later was comforted by another contestant who was just tryna keep the peace. Even Ben tried to figure out what was wrong but to no avail, she quickly ran to the washroom freaking out saying she can't take it and she gave everything (of course with it only being a couple hours into opening nite and all ha ha). As the rest of the ladies awaited the start of the 1st rose ceremony it was clear Jeanna was missing and thus unofficially awarding her the "ms. extra" award of the nite and possibly the season.

And as all drama filled shows go the producer's... (ahem) I mean Ben waited until the final two roses which went respectively to Monica and Jeanna because of course tryna pick up a woman and giving her unwarranted praise and complements on her looks plus locking yourself in a bathroom claiming you've given it your all, really shows "true" love connections!

With the preview of the upcoming season, it could just be one for the record books!

Until the next episode...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Deal!


I have inked an international music licensing deal with eos music a company outta Florida for business radio this year =D