Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Virtual Reunions

In the later half of last year I posed a question on Facebook about if someone from our graduating class were to throw a party / reunion would you attend? Now I didn't get much of a response but I'm sure I peaked some interest. It's now a new year and it also marks 10 years since leaving high school for me. To commemorate I decided to share some "Specyal High School Fun Facts" with friends on Facebook as a large portion are from high school. I felt it would be fun to reminisce while other friends who are from other parts of my life could learn a little more about me. I was only gonna go up to June just giving one fun fact a month but as I started to get into it, so many memories started coming back that I added "bonus facts" as well. I think now I may even go the whole year just for the hell of it.

I'm even learning some things. For example this month's fun fact is about how in Grade 11 French a group of us made a movie for a class project. My character had to audition so I was dancing in this one scene. Let's just say a part of me was shown that I wasn't intending on and a few more people than just my French class viewed it ha ha. Although the memory is far from gone, I felt the video must have been but sure enough I was informed it still exists!

My fellow high school alum seem to be enjoying these so I stated again last week that someone should have an actual party instead of just the virtual one we've been apparently involved in on in on going basis. That in real time we could all chill and reconnect and share stories and fun times. A few more seem to like the idea but I wonder will anyone step forward and actually make it happen or are we all just gonna wait for someone else to do it? Have we all become lazy with the age of Facebook and "social media" ? We would rather just take the convenience of sitting in front of a screen (in house clothes or underwear) not worried about outer appearance at all while engaging with people we once were so close to like old times? Or are we still just scared of meeting face to face, the judgements and criticisms that come so common with these gatherings?

I definitely need some feedback on this one. What would you rather have: a virtual reunion or a face to face gathering? I'm very interested in reading your thoughts on this.

Until The Next Episode...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Video Vibe: Catherine Marie Album Recording Session Week 4

Yesterday was week 4 of album recording for Catherine Marie. We were once again at Massive Sound Studios to record her new track "Gonna Be" which was also produced by Massive Sound. Stay tuned for this plus the rest of the new tracks on her debut album. In the meantime check out some covers! Her lead single Lie To Me is available on iTunes. If you haven't yet, Like Us on Facebook

Wednesday, 1 February 2012