Friday, 20 September 2013

I am honored to have been nominated as a role model and ambassador. It definitely feels good to know as an artist and as an individual in general that you are leading a good example and people wanna celebrate that. I got to do an exclusive interview with Black Canadians and you can check it out HERE. The awards ceremony is being held on March 1st 2014 in Toronto and June 28th 2014 in Calgary.

A New Appreciation Of Life!

I know it's been a minute since I last updated this blog. I became pregnant last year in November and by Christmas I was really really sick. I was in and out of hospital battling Hyperemesis a condition that affects only 1-2% of pregnant women but with it comes extreme nausea and vomiting (which I did every day for the better part of 10 months) and also dehydration. Although it was pretty rough there for a bit, I made it through and was able to give birth to my beautiful baby girl who is now 5 weeks old. Being in love with her is an understatement and I have such a new found respect and appreciation for just life in general having gone through all that. Her strength is what helped to get me through. <3