Monday, 23 July 2018

A #SpecyalOpinion - White Privilege: The (not so) Invisible Truth!

"I'm the Rosa Parks of the Internet!" said the overly dramatic, mostly delusional YouTube personality 'Truthful Trisha' on national tv. This woman is best known for her various crazy antics from faking medical conditions to jumping on people's cars claiming to be hit etc, that were recently showcased on Dr. Phil. During the two part episode, she tried to convince viewers and Dr. Phil himself, that she is constantly being targeted by fans and that she compares herself to Ms. Parks because "she too also speaks up and stands her ground on issues" (huge eye roll). As per usual, Dr. Phil and his team of producers had gone through hours of footage and notes on her, dissecting her, learning all her many then present them to her to finally get her to see the truth. Naturally she became very defensive and verbally attacked everyone for making her "look bad." Being the petulant teenager she is (she's actually a grown ass woman btw.), tried to storm off the set only to walk off the wrong way and then staged a ridiculous fainting spell. Yet again, another white person giving a major platform to whine and sulk about how they're being "mistreated" and all their "hardships," and of course how we should all feel sorry for them (clears throat).

Lately there's been a huge surge in random occurrences between white people inserting themselves into black people's business and causing a huge scene for no reason. Only to than go on their soap box and cry about how now they may no longer have any employment etc, and how surprised they are that they're being punished because they were only looking out for the greater good of said community. They're "sorry!" Really? Sorry they got caught more like. 
We all know about the lady at the Tim's who sh*t on the floor and then threw it at the employees because they didn't allow her to use the washroom. She barely got a slap on the wrist, and later in articles it was stated that she must've been going through something and not just being the entitled, disgusting B*$%# that she clearly is!

The man on the airplane who, although very drunk, decided let's not get up to use the washroom like a normal civilized human being, no, let's just pull it out and pee on the seat in front of me! After which the woman sitting in front complains, and of course she gets reprimanded for it! (shock face) 
A woman baths racoons like they're her children and of course it goes viral. But she's getting mad praise for taking care of these animals that can carry several dangerous diseases including but not limited to rabies. She probably also has human children...definite candidate for mom of the year! 

Let's not forget about all those "Permit Patty's / Peter's" & "BBQ Betty's / Bob's" who randomly disturb black kids and/or families minding their own, either trying to raise money for school supplies etc. by selling products or are enjoying the summer weather by the community pool or having a BBQ. They have no problem inserting themselves into other people's business, clogging up 9-1-1 lines for foolishness, only to go on the defensive after they're called out on it. All of this is a very serious problem that needs to be constantly addressed. It's not only refusing to get better, it's growing in severity. Does White Privilege exist? The fact that this is actually even still a question in today's society is appalling! Dear white people, to those of you who're struggling with this concept, please stop trying to minimize and categorize your "WP Card" by gender, and other non-relevant factors. You're white, so you've got privilege! Understand this, appreciate it for what it is, and then please help by using said privilege to fight the inequalities that you benefit from daily! 

All of this proving yet again, that not only is #WhitePrivilege unfortunately alive and well, it's slowly, on the daily, drenching the mind of our society and future generations into believing that all this is acceptable and encouraged!
That's just my #SpecyalOpinion 😎

Monday, 16 July 2018

A #SpecyalOpinion - Fisher Price Promises: Current Climate of the Music Industry!

There's a growing epidemic going on in the music industry, that's seeing various "promoters", "bookers", "managers", "label execs" etc. brainwashing artists and musicians alike into believing that their "services" are the "industry standard" and have been for decades. In reality, these people have typically been defrauded themselves in whatever area they were working in within music, and sadly they continue to add to these disgusting practises. They're choosing to go down this slimy road, instead of moving forward positively, working to help diminish those wrong-doers, they turn into one themselves convincing others this is the only way in this music society.

As the story goes, their shiny websites tell a compelling story of their colourful music background and the many household names they've had the pleasure to work with and/or help shape into the artists and musicians we've all come to love...and more importantly who you, the hopeful artist reading this, will natural become if you are fortunate enough to get chosen by them. Legendary venues who's stages are layered with years of the sweat and success of iconic artists, and you too could be part of these amazing legacies. Oh, but there's some fine print there...look a little closer. What? A (supposed) small fee? Oh don't worry that's just an "investment" into your career. During a very not-so-informative call, they try and assure you that working with them will transform your career and definitely take it to the next level. Don't focus on the payments, focus on the bulls*it advice that is being so generously shared with you. After asking a few poignant questions regarding their "services" and how they will actually help to move your career forward, they reply with "what's your draw?" "Are your social media numbers high enough?" Because an artist's actual talents as a vocalist, musician, performer etc. are basically of non-importance in today's current climate. When you reply with, "look at my live videos, those numbers equal my draw", they now feel backed into a corner and their promoter side comes out with "How many actual people can you bring out to fill my venue?" Because having a full house buying your food and drink is obviously way more important then the musical entertainment. I'm "hiring" you to do a service for me, but unlike the bouncers, bartenders, cooks, servers etc. you won't be paid your deserved fee...well maybe we can split the door with the split favouring the house although we both know the clientele are there to hear the live music you're providing...with most being friends and family of yours. So what's the point? "It's for exposure!" They say semi-confidently but you quickly take the wind out of their sails by stating "that's what social media is for though, I get global exposure daily!" Suddenly they've run out of tricks in their bag-o-bogus and now annoyingly state "That's how I get paid!" Without realizing it, they've just exposed their own fraud, plus so many others! The true purpose behind all of this, is for them to make money. This doesn't have anything to do with the love of music, as they all always claim. Being there for you the artist, because just like you, they are or were one too. It's solely about them alone. It has now even spread to once legit artists as well. Some of them are acting so desperate, that they're taking on any roles that are the flavour of that week or month, and claim they are this to get funds for themselves. Music education is getting hit hard currently with non credentialed "teachers" taking parents money and only teaching their children very bad habits...that will only have to be un-taught and re-taught properly later on. By that point everyone is over it, and they give up on it altogether. #SuchAShame

These fraud baths are beyond dirty and need to be stopped once and for all! Yes these deplorable practices have been going on for way too long, but that doesn't make them legit! The truth will always come to light. Let's finally all work together and take back the industry. Legit artists getting legit pay for their music services. How about going back to auditioning and letting them earn their spot instead of "gifting" it to them based on social media algorithms Their gifts and talents will fill the seats naturally. Don't let this eyeless tunnel vision keep going on, stop turning a blind eye.
That's just my #SpecyalOpinion 😎

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

This Is Not Morning Sickness, This Is Beyond! HG Awareness Day!

It’s been just a little over a year since T’s baby girl Tionne past away in part due to the disease known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. As more awareness is gained, it’s important to also realize that it’s more than just the woman / mother who’s affected; it’s the whole family. You rarely hear from the man / dad’s perspective as the focus is naturally on the woman and the baby she’s carrying. With men feeling helpless and potentially being told their feelings and what they’re going thru while watching their partner suffer don’t matter, it can make most not want to be vocal in any way. Today Mr Specyal is candid with his experiences thru both of T’s pregnancies of their two daughters. To all the HG Moms and families around the world, please know you’re all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy HG Awareness Day! #BlessUp #TionneTuesday #RestInPowerTionne

Monday, 19 March 2018

Side Effects (Official Music Video)

Side Effects is a true story discussing the daily struggle of what a pregnant mom goes through when suffering from the debilitating effects of the potentially life threatening disease known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). HG is characterized by severe nausea and vomiting, dehydration and extreme weight loss. "Side Effects" is the lead single off my latest EP "Tionne" which is a tribute to my baby girl who passed away last year in part due to this. #RestInPowerTionne

Help support the movement and spread more awareness by sharing this with everyone in your life as it effects 1 in 4 females regardless if they've given birth before or not. 1 in 3 babies sadly don't make it home. Also please visit The HER Foundation site for more information and to also donate to help further education and research. Currently there is no test to detect this and there is no cure. #HGTruth Thank you in advance! 

Video Director: Manee Osman of Misplacd Frams
Cinematographer: Aubrey Reid
Shot At: Digital Canaries Studios
Music Production By: Eamonn Foley
Written By: Trish Hylton
Make Up By: Valentina Razumovskaya

Tionne EP available now on iTunes

Saturday, 3 February 2018

These Side Effects Are Blurring Me...

I recently shot my 8th music video for my new single "Side Effects" off my latest EP "Tionne" This song and album mean a great deal to me as this whole body of work is a tribute to my late daughter Tionne and our HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) journey. On set was a mix of emotions with the performance part being the hardest. The video will be done in a couple weeks. I also recently did a PSA on HG awareness. 1 in 4 women will be affected, and 1 in 3 babies born to women who've had HG sadly won't make it home. Check it out HERE and please share! Thanks In Advance :)