Saturday, 29 November 2014

Specyal T Dose of Distinction 2 LP CD Review

NeFutur Magazine outta Ohio has recently done a Review of my new album Dose 2. In it they state: "Batteries Ain’t Included is a track that links together rap and R&B into a sultry approach, with hints of Beyonce and Missy Elliott. The production keeps the energy of the track high while making for a track that will work equally well in clubs and on radio rotation." They've given it an 8.5/10  Dose Of Distinction 2 LP available now!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Over the weekend, while I was north of the city, I finally got to meet one of my very loyal #Specyalites Caitline! She was so excited about my arrival that she woke up at 5am so she wouldn't miss me coming through awww! She's a very sweet kid and it was great to get a chance to meet and chill with her and her fam. She's a big fan of my single "Almost Lover" and told me she has watched the official music video a bunch of times. Thx Caitline for being such a supportive fan =D