Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Virtual Collabs

The majority of the music I create is inspired by the many happenings and people in my life. Every once in a while though it seems to come outta no where and this is what I like to call instant inspiration. I randomly came across this producer from BC online Tham Moyo who is freely sharing his instrumental EP. I decided to download it as I always like discovering new music and talent. The very last beat I was completely drawn to. This led me to instinctively come up with a concept, the lyrics and then I recorded the song in a 2 day turn around. "December Rain" had been born. I sent him the song, he thought it was cool and I released it. It's getting positive feedback so I'm very pleased with that. Now realize this producer and I are total strangers to one another but musically we'll always be connected. 

Specyal Music Fact: December Rain is the first song I've released to date that I'm only singing on!

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